When most players train to improve their jump shot, they focus on free throws, the mid range shot, the 3-point shot and from close up, the layup shot. Most however, neglect the point-blank range jump shot. The one from within 2-5 feet of the rim. Think of the dotted arc.

If you practice shooting from that area, you will perfect the proper form you need from start to finish to put the ball in the basket. Because you’re so close, it’s harder to shoot a flat jump shot from that range. You’re forced to develop arc. Because the goal’s so close, you’re forced to follow through, wholeheartedly. It’s these simple, little tweaks that aren’t easily perfected when you shoot from longer distances on the court in practices and shoot-around sessions.
Take as many jumpshots as you can from within 5 feet of the rim. Not layups, actual shots. Jump shots, stationary shots, floaters, off-hand, dominant hand. Keep increasing your arc so your strength in your release doesn’t take a hit.
Don’t aim to make the shot, that’s too easy. Instead, focus on swishing the shot without it even touching any metal. All net, baby.
You’ll quickly realize that it’s not as easy of a shot as it may seem and it’s certainly more effective than you’ve ever imagined. Once you master the shot from this range, you can take steps back out to the mid range and long-range areas on the court. Now that your form and release are proper enough, you can shoot lights out with the same consistency. The only thing that changes with distance is arm power/leg power exerted.
Take 100s of mini-range jump shots from left to middle to right of the rim. Try this for a few weeks. Let me know how it goes.

One Tip to Improve your Jump Shot