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The End of the Celtics Mini-Dynasty: Thank you Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett & Doc Rivers

Rivers teaching Pierce and Garnett how to - basketball

Credit: Greg M. Cooper-US PRESSWIRE

Boston Celtics season 2012-2013 season recap

The Boston Celtics started the 2012-2013 season with lots of questions about the future of the team rising. The departure of sharpshooter Ray Allen was costly for the team right from the gecko. Not only did the Celtics lose one of the four wheels of their vehicle to the championship, but they also lost a big part of their momentum. In fact, the entire complexity of the team was different as the season began.

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Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo all received more responsibilities offensively. The plays Head Coach Doc Rivers sketched also changed, as the C’s lost a reliable source of points, Ray Allen’s threes. Fortunately for Boston, they were happy to see Jeff Green coming back after an entire season off the courts of the NBA. They also used the help of role players like Courtney Lee, Jason Terry and the emerging Avery Bradley. However, it was crystal clear right from the beginning of the season that the team didn’t have the quality it used to have the seasons before. The Boston Celtics made it to the playoffs, finishing seventh in the Eastern Conference with a 41-40 winning record.

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On top of all the uncertainty and the below-standard performances, the team was struck by the season-ending injury of superstar point guard Rajon Rondo. That was possibly the most costly fact that doomed the course of the C’s moving forward. Rondo was and still is the heart and soul of the team. Being one of the best playmakers in the entire NBA, he has unique abilities to set up the entire Celtics team and lead the offensive rhythm. Without him, Boston looked to be in disarray. Another injury, this time from the rookie power forward Jared Sullinger, who provided a solid contribution during the beginning of the season, made things even worse.

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In the postseason, the weaknesses of the team and the lack of metal were exposed. They got eliminated by the New York Knicks in the first round. The only encouraging fact for them was that they saw Jeff Green emerging as a dominant forward. He certainly set the tone for his future and if he maintains his health, his star is projected to shine.

After a disappointing season and an even more disappointing playoff run, the Boston Celtics had no choice but to make radical changes. Danny Ainge chose to ship the aging stars, KG and Paul Pierce, alongside Jason Terry to the Brooklyn Nets. This blockbuster trade came just days after the Celtics sent their longtime Head Coach to the Los Angeles Clippers. Apart from players, the C’s received several draft picks in exchange for those trades, so a deep rebuilding has already been initiated. Boston also hired a new Head Coach. In surprise to the NBA world, Danny Ainge chose the former college coach Brad Stevens as the next man to hold the wheel for the Celtics. Keeping all the above in mind, we could say that the Celtics will spend the next two-three seasons in rebuilding mode, with the goal to come back strong after that.

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