Wilson Basketball

How to Shoot like Joakim Noah

Ha, J/K. 

Don’t. Don’t ever aspire to shoot like Joakim Noah. Not because he has a terrible shot, it’s actually quite accurate for a big man shooting a 10-20 foot midrange jumper. But it’s a shot form he created and developed over the years. If you’re starting from scratch and have years to go before you can say you have an exceptional jump shot, then find your natural form first. If it happens to be like Joakim Noah’s, go for it. But remember, his shooting stroke is limited. It’s easy to block if someone is within 3 feet of him. He doesn’t jump. The ball always corkscrews and tornadoes. There’s medium arc. He uses both hands equally, which is what most gurus suggest not to do.

Click here to learn to improve your jump shot by starting with a deadly form.


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