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The Highest Basketball IQs in the NBA in 2013

Smartest NBA players

Who said basketball is all about jumping high, knocking down shots and dribbling the ball in lightning-quick speed? Well, those could be the major factors for a win, if you’re playing one-on-one. However, in a professional team level, like the NBA, players need to possess way more skills that the above. One of them is a high basketball IQ. Let’s see who the Top 5 smartest active players in the NBA are.

No.5 Tim Duncan

If you need more to justify Duncan’s listing than the fact he is 39 years old and still ranks amongst the top centers in the league, surely there are more. Duncan has managed to retain his performance at the highest level for 16 years. Knowing his weaknesses and strengths, he uses his mind to get the most out of each possession both on offense and on defense. He’s been a big part in the fourth NBA Championships the Spurs have won during his era and he is a lock for the Hall-of-Fame.

No.4 Kobe Bryant

Bryant is another player of the era Duncan started to play in the NBA. He’s been the lone leader of the Los Angeles Lakers for the past years and he will now enter his 18th season in the NBA. Apart from all his athletic skills, his deadly stroke and his abilities to perform acrobatics, the Black Mamba uses his brain to break down the opposing defense. He constantly tries to find its weak spot and hit with his best move.

No.3 Shane Battier

One of the smartest players in the league is definitely Shane Battier. The reasons are obvious. Battier still is one of the best defenders in the forward position. Although he is not the best athlete, he uses his brain to play a lockdown and annoying defense. He stays down on shooters, puts his hands on their eyes instead of trying to block, plus he is one of the best in the league in drawing charges.

No.2 Dwyane Wade

There’s no wonder why Wade gets a spot in the list with the smartest players in the league. His clutch performances and his ability to spot the right timing for the shots he takes are just two of his attributes. Not to mention that he finished his ninth season in the league and opposing defenders still eat his shot fake that results to him drawing a foul and free-throws. Wade also recognizes a bad shot within fractions of a second, in mid-air and passes off when he sees that the shot won’t go in. That generates second chances for his team and teammates.

No.1 Steve Nash

Nash will go down as one of the smartest players to ever play the game. His court vision combines with his experience and high basketball IQ to form a unique mix. He is a floor general, setting his team up and organizing so it takes advantage of all its weapons the best way. The best way he shows his cleverness is the way he finds his teammates.

Intelligent players have a knack for accurate shooting, fundamental rebounding, crisp passing and lockdown defending to go along with all other intangible qualities that make them great basketball players. To learn more, click here.


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