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Top 5 Passers and Playmakers in the NBA: 2012-13

Best passers in the NBA in 2013

Passing the basketball is an art in basketball. In contrast to dribbling and shooting, which require great athletic skills and body control, passing is more of a mind process. The greatest passers to ever pass from the courts of the NBA had a high basketball IQ, a great imagination and could anticipate where their teammates and opponents would be in the next phase. Passing is easy, in comparison to dribbling and hitting shots, in regards to physical skills, but it requires much more mental training and instincts during the game. Let’s see who the Top 5 passers currently active in the NBA are.

No.5 Steve Nash

Nash has made a living passing the ball and hitting the three-pointer. That’s what he does best and it has been vital to any team he’s been a part of. He’s not just one of the best active passers in the league, but of also one of the best to ever play in the NBA. Another player of his generation, Jason Kidd could be mentioned at this list. He recently retired as a player from the NBA and took over the coaching of the Brooklyn Nets. He and Nash are possibly the two last guru passers of the previous NBA generation left in the league.

No.4 Ricky Rubio

The Spaniard point guard entered the league with big promises about his distributing role. Although he missed the most of the previous season due to an injury, whenever on floor, he proves why he is considered as one of the best passers active in the NBA. He is very creative, makes passes look fancy many times and his supreme ball control only gives him a plus in passing the ball.

No.3 Chris Paul

Passing is all about making things is easier for your teammates, from a playmaker’s perspective. Either the ball handler has to create an opportunity or just find his teammate in the right spot, at the right time and throw a perfectly balanced pass, the ultimate goal is to take find the final shooter at his comfort zone. That means hitting the big man in the paint or kicking the ball to the sharpshooter at the three-point range. Chris Paul does all that and much more with the best way. He is a commander on floor and is one of the best in setting his teammates up.

No.2 LeBron James

We all know LeBron James as the best basketball player currently active in the world. His attributes and his close-to-unreal performances sometimes overshadow his terrific passing skills. LeBron has an outstanding court vision and he also is very unselfish. If he draws a double-team, which he does many times during a game, he will pass the ball effectively to the open teammate thus leading to a score. He is definitely one of the best passers in the NBA.

No.1 Rajon Rondo

Rondo wins the No.1 position and for a good reason. His ability to pass the ball is one of its kind. We’ve all witnessed some of the most creative passes and assists delivered by him, since he stepped foot in the league. He can easily record 15 or more assists per night every night and he really is the main facilitator for his team, the Boston Celtics.

If you aspire to become a great passer, take your Wilson Evolution basketball and start with some individual passing drills at the gym. Be sure to focus on chest passes, bounce passes, 1 hand passes, off-hand passes, pick and roll passes, dribble-drive passes, outlet passes and even behind-the-back passes. Not to


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