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Interesting basketball quotes

Everything negative – pressure, challenges – are all an opportunity for me to rise.” 

  • Kobe Bryant

And then as kobe chucks away, he says to himself. ‘All these kids out here playing some damn checkers, I’m playing chess. LoL.

“I play to win, whether during practice or a real game. And I will not let anything get in the way of me and my competitive enthusiasm to win.”

  • Michael Jordan

That’s exactly why he popped Steve Kerr in practice and..Wil Perdue? And then Bill Cartwright said ‘If you fuck with me, give me that attitude again, I’m going to break both your legs’. Jordan never said shit to him ever again. True story. Got it from Sam Smith’s book, Jordan rules. Need to finish that little gem.

“There is a lot of pressure put on me, but I don’t put a lot of pressure on myself. I feel if I play my game, it will take care of itself.”

  • LeBron James

Thankfully, he stopped putting that extra pressure on himself. But who could blame him? The world was rooting against him. No one’s ever felt that level of pressure that he has, in the NBA or any sport for that matter, and yet he won 2 MVPs, 2 Finals MVPs and 2 rings in the last 13 months. Not bad, even though hes on the Miami cHeat. Sorry, I had to. 

Go Bulls.

Check more about quotes, basketball scoring lessons from great coaches and just other hoops related stuff in general if you got some time to kill. Also, Grantland!! The have some great basketball stuff especially from the draft and the Finals coverage.Imageot a


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